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Our solution.

Access to clean energy is of the most urgent needs of the world today. We develop a unique system for solar power generation and energy distribution, method to offset power demand of an electric system. The PV system, have a power generation capacity of any size. This system can be materialized on any electric power distribution grid.

We propose combining lightweight flexible solar panels having flexible membranes deployed on top of the overhead power distribution, to create an innovative PV panel system for electrifying the utility grid power distribution overhead cables, innovative extendable panels for power distribution and generation.

Advantages include: generating solar electricity, using electricity from two sources, the legend power system and clean PV electricity generation / storage system.

Company Background.

Established in 1991, Koron Industries 1991 Ltd. is now a hub for developing innovative solutions in the energy sector. Having over 25 years of operating as an EPC for HVAC and electricity projects, Koron has built the experience it requires to execute on a high level.

The technology:

We develop a unique product application: PV flexible modules extended on Electric Lines + storage. Our paradigm is fundamentally different from the existing technology of PV power systems on roof tops or the solar farms in the abandoned places and even different from the existing deployment concepts on water bodies, first, we move the PV generation of power closer to the point of use and store / discharge the electricity as required. This reduces load on the grid, reduces transmission losses, and improved robustness of the system. Second, we utilize existing infrastructure in a synergistic manner. This reduces costs and makes more efficient use of materials and space.

In the case of the PV-membrane system, the distribution grid, which formerly only served as a legend power distribution system, now also functions as the support of the PV modules, thus saving space and eliminating the need for support structures. Thus eliminating redundant use of materials, reducing environmental footprint, weight, and cost. Finally, the PV installation would be able to share the security and maintenance infrastructure already available at the power distribution system, while the electricity from the PV system could redirected back to the electricity grid.


This innovative approach is made possible by the unique characteristics of flexible solar panels that are;

  • Lightweight and very flexible: easy to integrate into the power infrastructure.
  • Thin: minor wind load; stable under high winds.
  • Non-toxic, most ecological products: safe and recyclable
  • UL, IEC certifications
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